Christmas 2013 Weather Forecast – How Likely Is A White Christmas

White Christmas Uk

Will it be a White Christmas in the UK?

This article is a couple of weeks old, we have a new article about whether or not it will be a White Christmas here.

It’s getting close to Christmas and people are starting to wonder whether or not this year will bring us a White Christmas. When people imagine a white Christmas they often imagine a complete blanket of white snow with more snow falling all the way through Christmas day. The real definition of a white Christmas is when single snow flake is officially observed falling anywhere between Midnight on the 24th and Midnight on the 25th.

So, will it be a white Christmas or not? Sadly it far too early to tell. Snow fall in the UK is notoriously hard to predict, especially this far in advance. Real predictions can only be made two or three days in advance, and even then it is very hard to predict snow with any accuracy.

The last official White Christmas was in 2010, when not only did it snow, it was the most snow fall ever recorded on Christmas day in the UK. There was snow on the ground at 83% of the Met Office weather stations.

What we can say at this stage is that colder weather is likely to develop during the last couple of weeks of November, and this will possible continue through December and on to Christmas. A White Christmas is definitely possible.

We will keep you updated as we approach the big day.


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