Flooding In Godalming – December 24th / 25th 2013 – River Wey Bursts It’s Banks

Update 2nd Jan 2014: The River Wey has burst it’s banks again causing more flooding in Godlaming. We are keeping an eye on the situation… Here.

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A large multi agency operation was launched in Godalming due the the river Wey bursting it’s banks on Christmas Eve. Some homes were believed to be under 3ft water.

Much of Godalming also suffered power failures through Christmas Eve until around 9pm on Christmas day. For some there were periods where the power came back, but for most, period with powers were short lived.

After many hours of flooding and power failures people in Godalming began to celebrate Christmas  when power came back late on Christmas day…

A video filmed on Tuesday and uploaded to Youtube shows the river Wey soon after it burst it’s banks…

Images of this incident have been posted to Twitter…

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9 Responses

  1. Edward Walton says:

    We have a house in Godalming can anybody outline exactly what parts of the town are flooded our house is in St Annes Rd. Our thoughts are with you all and prayers we hope the power is restored ASAP! Not a nice time of year to happen but I know the people of Godalming will overcome!

    • Ian says:

      If you are in St Annes road round by Catteshall you should be fine, i was at my parents in Catteshall Lane and theres no water anywhere near there. The worst areas are Meadrow, Catteshall Road, and around the Lammas Lands near to you

    • Dritech says:

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  2. Alex says:

    My mother sitting next to me lives in st annes road and says it was fine at 9am.

  3. Ann says:

    Does anyone know if Wey Road in Godalming has been affected by the flooding please?

  4. Jasmin Cook says:

    Hi. My house is shown in Sophie Pendry’s photo. Catteshall Road. We are away in London so just wondered if anyone had any more information on the houses there. (Imagine they are all flooded, wondering how bad the damage is).

  5. val Mott says:

    I live in Australia and my friend Jeannette lives in Long Gore in Godalming. Is that road ok?

  6. Ian says:

    The waters have gone down loads since yesterday.Val Mott ive heard nothing about Long Gore in the flooding reports at all. Not to say its no effected but its not been mentioned. Same goes for Wey Road Ann i dont think the water got near there but ive not actually been down there.

    Jasmin as for the damage i cant say, all the house next to the river flooded but they were quick putting flood barriers up on the front doors, Not to sure how much that helped. The water has rescinded right back away from the houses for now (more rain due) the fire service were there helping evacuate. The water flooded right across the road and im told from the Broadwater lake care park entrance to the Leathern Bottle pud the road was under water. Its all open again now. Im sorry its impossible to say what damage was done to the houses.

  7. M J Murcott says:

    Why do rivers flood and burst their banks and what can we do to reduce the risks of river flooding. – http://youtu.be/ly-dO1YUKeQ

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