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The Wignacourt Museum

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The complex includes St Paul's Grotto; the cradle of Christianity in Malta. On site are rock cut rooms which provided shelter to families during the Second World War. These lead to the intricate labyrinth of Catacombs which date to Roman times. Upstairs is the Church of St Publius and the beautiful Baroque building inaugurated by Grand Master Alof de Wignacourt for the chaplains of the Knights of St John who looked after the Grotto. It now ho...

7 Day Forecast For The Wignacourt Museum

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Thursday 25th July 2024

On Thursday 25th July 2024 the sun will rise at 06:05 and will set at 20:13. Today is epxected to be an extremely warm day and people are advised to stay hydrated and use sun protection if going outside. Temperatures today could reach as high as 32.2°C. Today is expected to be a dry day, with a very low chance of rain. It will be quite a breezy day, with a maximum expected wind speed of 22mph.