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Kepplestone by the Sea

Accommodation in Owaka, South Otago, New Zealand.

Explore its unusual geological formations including Cathedral Caves, Jack's Blowhole and the Petrified Forest at Curio Bay. We offer New Zealand's biggest selection of wildlife: Yellow-eyed penguins, Hector's Dolphins, New Zealand Fur Seals and Sealions. Sometimes during the summer you may see Sea Elephants and Leopard Seals. Every corner has something for you to enjoy. To see it all needs good planing as many sights require a low tide ...

7 Day Forecast For Kepplestone by the Sea

Our 7 day weather forecast for Owaka, South Otago updated throughout the day, making it ideal for planning leisure activities, travel and events. Read more about our weather forecasts.

Tuesday 16th April 2024

On Tuesday 16th April 2024 the sun will rise at 07:17 and will set at 18:01. It will be a mild day, with temperatures reaching around 12.8°C. Some moderate to heavy rain is expected, 9mm of rainfall is possible today. It will be a very clam day today, with a maximum expected wind speed of 5mph.