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South Molton Tourist Information Centre

Attractions in South Molton, Devon.

The South Molton Tourist Information Centre (TIC) provides a wide range of information for visitors and residents and is located within easy reach of the town centre, shops, attractions and main car parks, making them accessible to those on foot, bikes or cars. Don’t miss a thing while you’re in South Molton and the North Devon area; our TIC is open 6 days a week throughout the summer and 4 days a week in the winter, and is staffed by an effic...

7 Day Forecast For South Molton Tourist Information Centre

Our 7 day weather forecast for South Molton updated throughout the day, making it ideal for planning leisure activities, travel and events. Read more about our weather forecasts.

Monday 15th April 2024

On Monday 15th April 2024 the sun will rise at 06:19 and will set at 20:12. It will be a mild day, with temperatures reaching around 8°C. Today is expected to be a dry day, with a very low chance of rain. Some quite strong winds are possible today, with a maximum expected wind speed of 69mph.