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Skipton Castle

Attractions in Skipton, North Yorkshire.

Guardian of the Gateway to the Yorkshire Dales for over 900 years, Skipton Castle, once home to the famous Clifford Lords, is one of the best preserved and most complete medieval castles in England. Fully roofed, it is a fascinating and delightful place to explore in any season – from atmospheric Dungeon to the great Watch Tower, from the Chapel to the beautiful Conduit Court – a free self-guiding Tour Sheet is available in 10 languages. You m...

7 Day Forecast For Skipton Castle

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Monday 15th April 2024

On Monday 15th April 2024 the sun will rise at 06:06 and will set at 20:11. It will be a mild day, with temperatures reaching around 7.5°C. Heavy rain which could cause some standing water is expected, 10mm of rainfall is possible today. Some quite strong winds are possible today, with a maximum expected wind speed of 48mph.