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Mountain Monkeys

Attractions in Wigan, Lancashire.

Mountain Monkeys aims to offer opportunities for a variety of adventures through the enjoyment and appreciation of the outdoors. Mountain Monkeys highly motivated staff are enthusiastic as well as very experienced instructors. Who live their lives on rock faces or in rapids, when working and also on their days off! Outdoor Adventure Activities At Mountain Monkeys we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of quality and value for money activities...

7 Day Forecast For Mountain Monkeys

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Tuesday 23rd July 2024

On Tuesday 23rd July 2024 the sun will rise at 05:12 and will set at 21:21. It will be a mild day, with temperatures reaching around 21.4°C. Today is expected to be a dry day, with a very low chance of rain. It will be quite a breezy day, with a maximum expected wind speed of 12mph.